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In recent years, we have seen a significant growth in diverse working environments. Gone are the days of clinical, bland and uninspiring office spaces. Today, employers look to improve their offices having found new evidence that a well designed office leads to greater productivity.

The combination of 'Work Hard, Play Hard' is seen with the likes of companies such as Google. Google Head Quarters are probably the most well-known for encouraging this development. With offices all over the world, Google thrive to decorate their workplace with unique decor that makes it unlike any other work environment you will ever encounter. Google has created a work space revolution by introducing the concept that a creative environment can ignite the brain.

Scientific studies show that the greater care given to employees including making them comfortable and happier can lead to a much greater success and return in revenue.

Want to give your office a new look? Why not try a Motor Racing Theme and invest in our new Apex Racing Chair. Perfect for revamping your entire office or even just adding something extra to your home study.

APEX • Racing Chair Folding Arms
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Our Price: £89.99 Available in Black, Blue and Red

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