Monochrome Interiors

A multitude of black and white rooms seem to be taking over the world of interiors - Taking us back to the late 50s and early 60s for inspiration. Monochrome is a  trend that can be worked into any part of your home or office.

With a professional appearance and out look on the world, Monochrome allows the user to experiment with patterns and luxurious fabrics without the need for clutter or overkill.

Simplicity is key in this statement look, pairing a plain white wall with metallic accents of Gold and Silver. Have a play with this trend with our our 'C' Collection chairs, that allow you to create a luxe feel and lift a simple scheme.

Foliage is used as an accessory to the Monochrome trend, creating texture and interest to a clean canvas without cluttering the room. If you are looking to create a minimalist monochrome look, symmetry is your focus. Think clearly about the layout and seating plan of your room to add emphasis on the style you are going for in your workplace. - an even number of chairs and carefully selected fixtures will create a minimal style that also feels luxurious.



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