Office Design Trends for 2018

2018 is the start of something brilliant when it comes to the new trends for your office. See below, our top 5 picks for updating your work place!


It is no secret, that a craze has started for the most innovative office around - Google triumphs this with keeping their head offices top secret! Each room, has a theme and mood of its own. Now, more and more workplaces are wanting to incorporate unconventional office design layout - Think, creative pods for hanging out and having some downtime - while also some space to work independently.


It has been proven that collaborative working spaces have a great impact on the working environment. By sitting close to fellow work colleagues, this enables employees to complete collaborative projects more freely in work time. Having discussions, sharing ideas and building relationships are all fundamental  key elements to operating a successful business.


Bringing your home life to work. Not something you are meant to do, but adding a bit of home comfort can making working life feel not so hard and stressful. Have a pin board for example, to look back on your own life and bring those memories and experiences in. Comfort and belonging in work leads to a happier employee, which then leads to happy managers and a thriving company.


2018 foresees a minimal and cool exterior brought inside. Concrete grey accents fill open plan designs, which creates a design that is simple and minimalist.



Foliage is used as interior decor within the office in a way that has never been seen before. Yes, okay everyone has the odd office plant on their desk to 'brighten the room up' but this trend takes on a whole new meaning of the term 'bringing the outside inside'. More and more businesses are becoming Eco-friendly, is this greenery just a boast of how environmentally friendly they are?


Share how you feel about the new trends by commenting below? We would love to hear your thoughts...

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