Sitting For A Long Time? Game Much? Hear My Story

Sales of computer/office chairs have grown exponentially over the last few years. With more and more people spending excessive amounts of time, on their PC either surfing the web or gaming with friends.
We all know someone whether it is a friend or your own child, who takes this to the next level and can spend literally, 5 to 10+ hours on their PC's a day. I myself am guilty of this, one minute I am quickly surfing the web early morning, the next what feels like minutes it is early evening and the day is gone. My back aches and my legs feel like jelly....... sad times.
So what did I do? I'll tell you, once the aches and pains were gone I looked into what was causing the issue. Turns out my chair was not suitable for spending so much time in, remembering who I worked for (British Chairs....if you weren't following). I realised we need a chair for people like me, a chair that I can sit in for prolonged periods and not have the pain issues after.
And you know what....... I found it, so I present to you the Apex Gaming Chair.

Game in comfort using the APEX Racing Gaming Chair with Folding Arms
You can find your ideal position as the chair can be tilted to find the most comfortable angle. The main height of the chair can be adjusted, and the arms fold in to sit closer to the desk. The comfortable seat and back ensure that you can enjoy your gaming sessions for longer. Easy to assemble, the APEX Racing Gaming Chair is the ideal accessory for your PC gaming. 

  • Upholstered in soft feel PU
  • Fold away arms allowing the user to sit closer to their desk.
  • Detailed inlay panels.
  • Coloured piping to the outside of the seat, backrest and arms.
  • Tilt locking mechanism which can be locked in the upright position.
  • 12 Month Guarantee

Dimensions (mm)

Seat Width


Seat Depth


Back Width


Back Height


Seat Height


I know what many will be thinking, you should of taken a break or just not spend so much time on your PC. Well I say (and I speak for a lot of people) that is easier said than done, because time flies when your having fun.

Thank you

Joel - British Chairs 


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